28. March 2019

Our goal is the championship

Krütten is confident: I intend to show everyone what I can do. Secure title with Van Amersfoort: The team and I will strive to win.

After the long winter break, Niklas Krütten (16, Germany) is really looking forward to the start of the ADAC Formula 4 season. “I can’t wait for things to kick off again,” he said, looking ahead to the opener of the fifth season of the ADAC High Speed Academy in Oschersleben, 26th – 28th April. He will have to be patient for another four weeks or so, but the ADAC Sports Foundation protégé is already counting down the days: “It’s going to be awesome. I can hardly wait. It’s about time!”

Krütten, who narrowly lost out in the Rookie championship last year to David Schumacher (17, Germany, US Racing – CHRS), is aiming high this season. “Our goal is to win the championship,” he told us confidently. The key to doing that? “Being consistent and having nerves of steel!”

Krütten has now switched from Mücke Motorsport to Dutch outfit Van Amersfoort Racing where he is one of three drivers along with the Israeli, Ido Cohen (17) and Norwegian, Dennis Hauger (16). Everything is new for Krütten, the environment, the language and procedures. “This is the next step,” he said. “The team and I are striving for wins. VAR are very success-oriented and professional. I like that. It suits me. I would like to learn from them, profit from the experience and get stuck in.”

But the junior driver also knows that it’s not just about driving performance on the track. Mental strength is also paramount. The duel that he lost last year for the Rookie title with David Schumacher, the son of Ralf Schumacher, should be a real help in this respect. “I’ve improved my mental strength in a scrap,” said Krütten: “I’ve learned to pick myself up and keep going. I want to show everyone what I can do!”

And he is investing a lot of time to do that. He regularly goes training after school and will also travel to Van Amersfoort’s headquarters in the Netherlands several times a year. “I want to spend a few days on the simulator there,” he said. His school will give him time off for racing, provided his grades remain OK. “I’ll just have to swat up on maths and biology in between practice and races,” he told us.

Above all, he still dreams of making his way as a professional in motorsport. Of course, Formula 1 is the main goal, but Krütten knows that it’s a rocky route to the top. “I’ve not yet made my final decision. My goal is to someday earn my living from motorsport,” he said, adding: “Winning the ADAC Formula 4 championship title will look good on my CV. I’ll do everything I can and work hard to achieve my dream.”

Source: ADAC